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As we cruise into our second week of the show we start really getting down to the important topics at hand.  Sex tapes, ham, blind people, and of course Coleman’s Mustard.  As always, if you have time to let us know what you think via comment, email or direct contact with one of us, we do appreciate feedback.  And don’t worry, there’s lots more where this came from.

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Upgrayedd..two d’s for that double dose of pimpin’

Some time ago I felt that my dual quad-core AMD Opteron NAS server was a greedy piece of shit just sucking up power and giving nothing in return..other than all the files I need to keep on it.  Selfish POS.  My typical solution to a problem is to throw money at it so that’s what I did. Continue reading “Upgrayedd..two d’s for that double dose of pimpin’”

…And we’re live

HEAR YE HEAR YE welcome to the inaugural episode of the IO Panel podcast where James, Mike, and Evan talk about technology and other random…just really really random stuff.  Don’t be put off by any previous dealings with this nefarious trio, oh no.  We can promise you at least 13 percent more effort and 170 percent more pure blooded American sarcastic sincerity.  Now I’m no math wizard but those numbers make sense to me but you be your own judge; after all, you’re a fucking adult, right?  You have keys, credit cards, friends, etc.  I’m pretty sure you’re a person, right?  Oh god..ha-have the robots taken over?  SHITSHITSHIT WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE.  WHERE ARE MY GOD DAMN KEYS?  FUCK!  Anyways have a listen and if you like it let us know and if you don’t I will personally hire Action Bronson to break into your house while you’re in bed, rub his grizzled grease soaked beard on everything you love, then straddle your torso while eating a bucket of chicken six inches from your face and sing you a lullaby.  You’ve been warned.  KTHXBAI!

\:)/ -Evan