Hey Diddle Diddle…

No cats, no cows, no moons, and no fiddles.  What do we have to offer then, you may ask?  Oddly enough the answer is, yet again, sex robots.  Sex robots and the question of how far is too far?  TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!  We also talk about SpaceX being pretty badass 25% of the time so far, a quick rundown of the Stargate Universe, the possibility that we all might be living in a simulation, yadda yadda yadda, the same old stuff.  Oh and the most important Colman’s technology advancement yet; one twist ordering.  You heard it here first folks, and probably last.  Hope you enjoy the show.


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Ctrl-X, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Murder…

Happy Anniversary!!! WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT.  Microsoft has big plans for a new update coming later this year that will allow you to start realizing your dreams of being even more dependent on the technology you own than you are now.  There’s good news though if you want to prepare yourself for the robot uprising – check out the KRISS Vector sub machine gun, and don’t forget rule #2, the double-tap.  If you like dinosaurs and enjoy a good cookout, with some not so casual racism from your weird uncle then we’ve got a treat for you.  Get comfy, kick your feet up, and get ready to never look at corn the same way.  Enjoy!


“[#HOLOCAST – Hitler ruined it for everyone]” -Michael.

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The “Eyes” Have It…

Join us this week to explore the meaning of life.  Turns out it’s pretty simple.  Mustard is life.  Hololens is life.  Girl Scout cookies are life.  With swift changes in technology, the world around us is becoming more fascinating by the day and our ability to connect with each other is enhanced by these advances, but at what cost?  TUNE IN TO FIND OUT.  We learn which books to read if you want to become a mediocre hacker, and that social media is the devil.  Ironic, as that’s how you all got here.

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State of Zen and the Voice of an Angel…

This week we are trying out a new recording service called Zencastr.  It’s web based with a simple and appealing interface and even does a bit of post process on your recording and sends it off to your dropbox automatically.  Neat.  In this episode we poke fun at the future of cooperative gaming, the progression of virtual reality, valuable ways to waste time on the internet, an operating system review or two, and our impending doom in the form of audiobooks.  Enjoy!


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H#sht#g F#ilure…

SORRY FOLKS, in a disastrous event, during the recording of this weeks show, my audio was not captured.  I survived a tornado, a torrential downpour, and the temptation to stand outside during it all (I love storms.)  It was my fault with overzealous un-checking of boxes in audio configuration options.  I found where I went wrong and it won’t happen again.  It’s not a total loss, as there is still good audio to be had so look forward to some bonus material in the future.  Check out the show notes to see what was covered.  As always we welcome your feedback and thanks for listening.


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Left foot Right foot Left foot Right foot

As we cruise into our second week of the show we start really getting down to the important topics at hand.  Sex tapes, ham, blind people, and of course Coleman’s Mustard.  As always, if you have time to let us know what you think via comment, email or direct contact with one of us, we do appreciate feedback.  And don’t worry, there’s lots more where this came from.

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Upgrayedd..two d’s for that double dose of pimpin’

Some time ago I felt that my dual quad-core AMD Opteron NAS server was a greedy piece of shit just sucking up power and giving nothing in return..other than all the files I need to keep on it.  Selfish POS.  My typical solution to a problem is to throw money at it so that’s what I did. Continue reading “Upgrayedd..two d’s for that double dose of pimpin’”

…And we’re live

HEAR YE HEAR YE welcome to the inaugural episode of the IO Panel podcast where James, Mike, and Evan talk about technology and other random…just really really random stuff.  Don’t be put off by any previous dealings with this nefarious trio, oh no.  We can promise you at least 13 percent more effort and 170 percent more pure blooded American sarcastic sincerity.  Now I’m no math wizard but those numbers make sense to me but you be your own judge; after all, you’re a fucking adult, right?  You have keys, credit cards, friends, etc.  I’m pretty sure you’re a person, right?  Oh god..ha-have the robots taken over?  SHITSHITSHIT WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE.  WHERE ARE MY GOD DAMN KEYS?  FUCK!  Anyways have a listen and if you like it let us know and if you don’t I will personally hire Action Bronson to break into your house while you’re in bed, rub his grizzled grease soaked beard on everything you love, then straddle your torso while eating a bucket of chicken six inches from your face and sing you a lullaby.  You’ve been warned.  KTHXBAI!

\:)/ -Evan