State of Zen and the Voice of an Angel…

This week we are trying out a new recording service called Zencastr.  It’s web based with a simple and appealing interface and even does a bit of post process on your recording and sends it off to your dropbox automatically.  Neat.  In this episode we poke fun at the future of cooperative gaming, the progression of virtual reality, valuable ways to waste time on the internet, an operating system review or two, and our impending doom in the form of audiobooks.  Enjoy!


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One thought on “State of Zen and the Voice of an Angel…”


    The solution for console gamers that want to play PC games… Let James know. 😛

    I hate the number of processes that Chrome opens when it runs. It has documented memory leaks and allows people to install things as a “platform”. Fuck that. #FirefoxForLife…

    Oh and fuck twitter in the ass…

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