Dangerous Hispanic Women…

This week we rediscover a love of great SciFi. We celebrate the compassion of fabled humanitarian Travis Scott. Evan lectures us on the quality Chief O’Brien Memes and we get into the Meta or Facebook’s newest debacle. So sit back with your Oldbay Chips and listen up.

Show Notes – https://bit.ly/3lglvgw 

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Hot Chocolate Soup…

This week we talk 80’s hearth throbs , Quake Competitions, and Florida’s exciting COVID records. We also learn about Evans new passion for CBD and explore the true depths of depravity With James’s BDSM trip to Baltimore. So So pull up the severed head of one of your fallen foes and get ready for this weeks I/O Panel.


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You Can’t Jamake this Up…

This week we dive into the Summer Olympics, Swatting, and Great Britain swinging its big balls all over the South China Sea. We also visit the world of bad movies and ruined childhood nostalgia. So squat down on a banana leaf by the fire and listen to the retelling of this weeks I/O Panel Podcast


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The Japanese Drifter…

This week we talk floods, Viruses and Google tomfoolery. Mike teaches us about Americas true past time, and James gives us a lecture on BLM. Evan tells us about how he betrayed his values to play games other than Quake. So sit back, get a hold of your best plastic spork and spoon in a big heaping spork full of the I/O Panel Podcast. 

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You Never Ngo…

This week we go deep on Miami’s quality architecture, everyday American society we’re not going back to work. The height of quality on Tik-Tok and some of the finest knives evident James own. lastly we learn about new fetishes we didn’t even know we had or that we hated. So sit back and pull up a seat grab a tall glass of Deez Nuts and get ready for this episode of the I/O Panel podcast.

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Outro Song :  Epic Home Depot Theme song

Games That Aren’t Quake…

This week  we learned about rich guys doing exactly what Rich guys are doing trying to get the hell up out of here and go to space. we also cover our drinks is Bill Cosby walks out of jail and talk about a bunch of entertainment topics. So settle in for another riveting show about Junk and Stuff.

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